Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Doing an Online Craft Fundraiser to help a friend (victim) of the recent tornadoes

Okay, here it goes. With the encouragement from Lauren and Cindy, two of my friends from the Silhouette Challenge FB group, I have decided to order My friend in Carney that lost EVERYTHING to a tornado the day before the big Moore one, a Silhouette Portrait. She loved scrapbooking, making gifts and cards. I know this is not on her mind right now. But when things calm down, hopefully her love for crafting will return. Soooooo.....

Here is the fundraiser...they're are a few of us (so far) that are going to go in and donate money to get her a portrait that is on special by this Friday. If you are interested..I have a donate button that is through paypal. Lauren has tried it and it worked.  woooohoooo!     So what do you say....want to help me make one victim from this devestating tornado enjoy what she loves to do again some day.
Thanks~ This is my first time doing something like please bare with me!!!
Any funds raised over the amount of the portrait will go to a Hobby Lobby or JoAnn's gift card.  I will let everyone know the totals and where it will go.