Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Joining in on the [stache] fun!

Everywhere you look right now, you see a [stache].  Not sure how it all got started, but I do love it.   The receptionist at my Chiropractor has one tattoed on her finger.  It's in a spot that she can put her finger up to her face (above her lip...of course) and it reveals her cute little mustache tattoo.  She said she had been wanting a tattoo, but wasn't allowed to have one at work.  This way no one knew she had it unless she showed it to them.  It Too each their own I suppose.  It is cute, just saying!
For this [stache] card and little gift box, I used the LIP KIT: My Guy Edition 4x6" Journal & Filler Cards and  My Guy Kit.

I designed this cute "THANK YOU" card in Silhouette Studio

I used the 4x6 card out of the My Guy Filler Journal and Filler Kit.  I added the mustache out of the My Guy Kit.  I then typed "Thanks for the [stache].  I used the print and cut feature, so once I liked my design, I hit print and then ran it back through my Cameo to cut it.   That's it!!  Simple right?!?  That's what I love about the LIP Kits, it's not only easy to put a quick scrapbook page together, but it's also easy to put a quick card together too! 

For this little gift box, I used paper from the My Guy Edition.  I purchased the box from the Silhouette Online store.  I simply printed my paper first and then opened the box file and sent it through my cameo.  I also designed the tag in Silhouette Studio and added a little [stache]. 
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