Monday, October 14, 2013

Decorated Pumpkins

My Decorated Pumpkin

Did I ever say how much I LOVE Fall?  I love love love it!  I couldn't wait for the October Silhouette face book challenge so I could do a Fall project.  I knew I wanted to use a new medium, so I decided to use the double sided sticker sheets and decorated a pumpkin. 
Here is my pumpkin!   Not only do I love how it turned out, I love how easy it was to use the adhesive.  I debated weather to do a monogrammed or something that was Halloween.  I knew that I didn't want to do anything scary.  I don't think this is too scary.
For this project you will need:
Double-sided adhesive sheets
small paint brush
Step one was to find a image that I liked.   I then measured my pumpkin and then sized my image to fit.  Next is to make sure you pick the right medium and to move the blade to the appropriate number.
There is a yellow side and a white side to the adhesive.  Make sure when you load into your machine that the white is facing up.

Just like vinyl, you have to weed. This way the parts you don't want to have glitter on will be gone. 

This is what it looks like after it's all weeded.

Peel off the white backing and stick to you pumpkin.  Make sure that you rub the whole image down.

Once the image is on the pumpkin, remove the yellow backing to reveal the sticker sheet.

Now you will pour the glitter over the entire sticker.

I put a 12x12 piece of cardstock down and tapped the pumpkin.  Most of the glitter fell off, but you will still have some left to remove. To do this, use a small paint brush to knock off the excess.

This is how it will look when finished.  Super easy!!!

I really like how it turned out!
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