Tuesday, August 13, 2013

When Glass Doesn't Etch, What Do You Do? ......Put Vinyl On It!

A friend of my from work gave me this AWESOME jar.  How exciting, something else to etch!  Just in time for my August Silhouette Project (so I thought).  I prepared my jar, cut my stencil, applied the stencil, piled on the etching only to find it would not etch.  UGH!  I was disappointed and frustrated.  I couldn't figure out why it didn't work, after all, I did the same thing I did on the other glass projects.  So I tried it again, only to have the same results.  Come to find out there is something in some glass that doesn't allow it to etch.

Never fail, vinyl to the rescue!!   I just took the part of the stencil I was not using for the etched part and applied that to the jar!  It wasn't what I originally wanted to do on the jar, but it still turned out pretty good (so I thought)   My son's girlfriend thought it was pretty cute (he thought it was dumb ~ but what do guys know!)

She wouldn't tell me what was her favorite candy "stache", so I filled it with alittle of everything!
Just thought I share, hope ya like it!
Oh and here is a recent picture of them.....First day of his Senior Year and her Junior year! 
Aren't they cute!?! 
Thanks for stopping by my creative space!