Thursday, May 29, 2014


What does Summer mean to you?  Vacations, beaches, swimming pools, shorts, flip flops, etc.  For some it's about baseball games, sunflower seeds and concession stands.   I miss those days, some of which included multiple games, heat, dirt.....well maybe I don't miss all of it. 

Now that my son isn't playing baseball anymore, which saddens me at times, I do have friends with little ones starting the adventure of traveling teams and school ball.  From my experience (from a mom's viewpoint) I enjoyed traveling baseball so much more than school ball. 

When my sons played ball, I didn't own a silhouette machine.  If I had, I would have so made these for myself.  Maybe if we catch a Red Hawk's game or a New York Yankee game sometime.  These were made for my sweet friend/co-worker, Chrissy.  Her little guy started his first traveling team and is keeping them very busy.  I included some for her toes and her son's number and one with the team name. 

Isn't this awesome?  You could make a cute package (with your silhouette of course) to put the nail art in and give them as a gift to a baseball mom.  Wouldn't all the team moms love these?
(Click on image to download)
I used the Silhouette brand red vinyl. 
The cut settings are blade 2, speed 8, thickness 9 or choose vinyl under your cut settings. 
The squares around the stitching are for easy weeding.
You may need to resize them or simply clip them to fit your nails. 

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Have a great and safe summer!!