Thursday, May 16, 2013

Shhh....Baby Sleeping tutorial

I'm pretty excited and just have to share.....My very first tutorial for   Peppermint Creative has been posted on the Peppermint Creative Blog


Yeah....New Vectors at Peppermint Creative.  I love vectors and of course I already have some new ones picked out.  They are GREAT if you have a cutting machine (my favorite is the Silhouette Cameo...I'd like to get a portrait) and like to make projects with vinyl. 


Commercial Vectors on sale 20% off right now at Peppermint Creative until  May 22nd.  Check out the NEW RELEASES! 

This is the vector that I used for my tutorial

COMMERCIAL Vectors - Baby Sleeping Word Art

Shhh......Baby Sleeping
By: Tanya Alley

Supplies Used:
Vinyl wood sign baby
Step 1: Spray paint the door hanger and let it completely dry.
Step 2: After cutting the vinyl out with the Silhouette Cameo, “weed” out the excess vinyl. Weeding is the process of removing extra vinyl bits around the graphic. You can use a special weeding tool to make the job easier without damaging or tearing your finished artwork.
Vinyl weed silhouette graphics
Step 3: Apply transfer tape over your graphic.
Step 4: Using the scraper press down the tape and make sure that it is smoothed out and sticking to the vinyl.
Step 5: Once this vinyl is completely stuck to the transfer tape, apply it to your dried door hanger.
Step 6: Use the scrapper again to apply it to the hanger. Remove transfer tape.
Vinyl how to transfer tape
Step 5: Embellish with button and bow.
Doorhanger baby wood sign
Another fun idea is to use the vinyl lettering as a mask and create your sign using paint.
Paint cut transfer vinyl baby
Paint your sign with acrylic paint in the colour you want your letters to be. Let it dry completely and apply the vinyl letters.
Yellow cut transfer tape
Paint over the entire sign in the colour you want to sign to be. Once that has dried completely, use your weeding tool to remove the letters to reveal the yellow paint below.
Paint cut transfer tape
Hope this post sparked some creative ideas in you.
Happy Crafting!