Monday, September 9, 2013

Happy Fall Yall.......

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year.  I love the colors and the cooler temperatures mostly.   It's the time when you get to go to the pumpkin patch to get your pumpkins to decorate.  It also means that Halloween is right around the corner.  For me, Halloween is about pumpkins, candy, cute decorations and fun fall parties.  I don't like the scary part of Halloween. 
When the kids were younger, I use to love decorating for school parties.  I even hostested a fall party for my son's football team one year.  We roasted hotdogs, smores and had all the candy, pop and deserts you could think of.  We even had a really fun scavenger hunt. 
So for this month's FB Challenge, I had an idea of what I wanted to do.   These cute bags are perfect for parties, giving to your special friends, or ever your co-workers.   And after all the candy is gone, you are still left with the cute little bat to wear for years to come.   You could do the spider treat bags the same way, but I opted to paint them directly onto the bags.
I got these little muslin bags from Pick Your Plum.  I bought them last year, but forgot I had them until it was too late to use them for Halloween.   I've been waiting all this time to use them.   The images used on these cute bat and spider treat bags are from Peppermint Creative

Supply List:
Muslin Bags
Modge Podge
Silhouette Chipboard
glue - Spare Parts
Pin for the back
google eyes
yellow & black paint
acetate sheet
Sponge applicator
 COMMERCIAL Vectors - Spooky Cuties 
Used these commercial vectors from Peppermint Creative for my project.

First I opened Silhouette Studio Designer Edition and picked the circle on the left hand of the screen and drug out about a 2 inch circle and did a trace outline on my spider.  I loaded the acetate and hit cut.  It was cut on a blade setting of 3 and speed 3.

For my little bat pin, I did a print and cut and then cut 2 more of the same size on silhouette chipboard.

When you do a print and cut you will make sure that you choose the right paper size and check registration
marks (shown below)
My printer only prints up to a 8 1/2 x 11.  One day I will get one that prints bigger, but for now this will work. 

To cut the chipboard you do NOT do a print and cut so  you can use 12 x 12.  I also had a scrap piece that fit right at the top of my page. (You can see it in the "supply" picture above)  To cut, choose chipboard in the print menu.

(Please excuse the bad manicure, I just finished painting a wood pumpkin that needed touching up ~ wish I would have done a better job at getting it all off ~ sorry!)

After getting all the pieces printed and cut out, the next step is to paint on the muslin bags.  First, cut a piece of card board and put into your bag.  This keeps the paint from bleeding through. 

Next put a little paint into a paper plate.   Dab your sponge brush off a little so that you don't have your brush too wet.

Put your stencil on your bag ( I used a couple of pieces of double stick tape to help hold it in place)
Apply using and inward motion.

Remove your template and let dry.  For this one, you will still have to make the little bat pin. 

 For the bat you will follow the same steps using the spider template.

To finish off the spider, you will add the google eyes using a glue stick.  I purchased the glue stick in the part of the craft store that sells all the tiny gems. 

Now to make the removable bat pin. 

Take one of the bats that you cut out of the chipboard and add a layer of modge podge.

Add another layer of chip board and then another layer of modge podge. 

Yep, I'm pretty messy!  (I can't believe I'm actually posting this picture)
After getting the chip board pieces together, smash them together with your fingers all the way around.

Apply another layer of modge podge and put the printed bat on top.  You can put another layer over the top, but I chose not to. 

(bad nails again!)  Wish I would have paid more attention to that.  UGH!!!

To finish your bat, add the pin.  I used pins that didn't require any glue.  You just remove the sticker paper and stick it to your project.

That's it!!!!  Add your pin to your treat bag and your done!  Aren't they cute?
Hope you enjoyed this month's project.  It was a lot of fun making them. 



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