Sunday, January 27, 2013

DRUM ROLL PLEASE.............

Well, I've been watching many videos and asking many questions to figure out how to get to you my VERY FIRST digital stamp. It is free for the takin'.   I hope Im doing this right...guess we will find out.   I designed it in Photoshop Elements 10.  I know it's nothing fancy, but thought I would give it a try.

JUST CLICK ON THE HEART TO DOWNLOAD.  I would love to know how the download worked for you.  I did test it and it seemed to work fine. I was also able to use it in Silhouette Studio and used the cut and print feature.  I would also love to see your creations with this digi stamp.

If you have any comments or suggestions feel free to share.  I'm learning and have lots more learning to go.  It's all for fun and sharing what I make for my cards, scrapbook pages, etc.  For this heart, I learned how to make an out line of a stamp (with it being an outline instead of filled).  I also learned how to make a dotted circle (this video was VERY helpful), but had much more success using CS5.  I've had the program going on two years and have never used it.  It was much easier doing the dotted circle in that program verses PSE.  I will share something maded with the dotted circle later.  Now I have to get to my project for The Cutting Cafe'.


  1. good for you Tanya, I love it.......................I am going to post it on our fb page...if that is okay with you...let me know.....hugs

  2. It worked just fine for me. Thank you!!!


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