Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Happy Graduation!!!

Oh man, it's that time again.  For me that means my youngest is almost a Senior.  I'm not ready, I'm not ready, I'm not ready!!!!!!!  I know as soon as he graduates, he's moving on and out.  He's very independent.  I know this is what they are suppose to do and it's the healthy thing for him to do (It is
NOT healthy for me) 

This week The Cutting Cafe Desgin team could use any file they would like. It's our first project for the new term.   Since my son has several friends graduating so I decide to make these keychains for my Cutting Cafe project.  I used one of the stamps from the:
These are the bonus images (and the ones that I used) that comes with this set. 

I used the congrats one for this key chain, but have a couple others to make so I will probably use all three.

I recyled/repurposed a key chain that I had bought at a school garage sale years ago.  I only bought a couple not knowing what I was going to do with them.....now I wish I had bought them all.  I originally had a christmas wreath on it.  I used the print and cut feature on my silhouette cameo.  I left it black and white because that goes with our school colors.  For this one, I added ribbon because it is for one of the girls.
Bg tiny solid dot 
I created an inside to the box so that I could attach the key chain to it.  I love polka dots!  I was going to use one of The Cutting Cafe's box cut files, but this key chain already had a really nice box with it.  If I threw it out, it would defeat the purpose of my recyle part of my project. 
So are you ready for the project?

I used my silhouette to do a print and cut on the below stamp. 

I used modge podge and let it sit for at least three hours.  I added ribbon to bling it up a little.
Please stop by and say "Hi" to all of the new team members and take a look around at there projects.
Also comment on your favorite project for a chance to win sets!!!!


  1. this is brilliant, this is amazing...

  2. What a clever idea!!! I love it! Have a blessed week. Melisa

  3. She is right. Brilliant to enlarge the kiss bottom to card size. Fabulous work!

  4. You are such a creative genius :) Great idea!!!

  5. I'm gonna cry!! I don't like that they grow up so stinking FAST! I suppose them being independent means you've raised them well, but still...
    Your keychains are the perfect gift for them to venture off into their new world. Just love them :)
    Lisa x

  6. That keychain is an excellent gift - nice job!!

  7. What a unique idea..Thats stepping outside the box:) Great job:) Krista

  8. Thanks Ladies. You are all so kind.


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