Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Before and After pictures of my new craft room!

Here are some of the before pictures of what will end up being my craft room.  It consisted of fixing holes in the wall, taking down the popcorn ceilings, ripping out the carpet (which I thought would be easy....oh no, not at all)  Once I pulled the carpet out, I had to pull all the tack strips out and then AAAALLLLL the staples they used to put down the padding.  So with that said, these are what the first set of pics are about.

This next set shows my son, Chance, laying down the floor.  I'm still amazed at the job he done.  It's perfect.  He hasn't had any prior experience, but just went at it and got it done.  I had helped him do his room a week before, so we were on a roll....
Okay, Finally here are the pictures I've promissed.  My new stamp room!!!
It isn't completely done, but it is very workable.  I'm still looking for a couple of things to finish and make it operate smoother. 
I'm still working on finding organizing shelves and bins.  That's a tv under my desk (in the box).  I want to put it up and I want to put a big slouchy chair in there too.  I wouldn't ever have to leave my room.  It is very small, but it is now FINALLY mine.  I'm ready to get my creative juices flowing.  I've already started working on my first design team project for The Cutting Cafe.  You'll have to go and check out all the creative projects everyone has been working on. 


  1. oh i hated removing the popcorn from one room in our home! yuk and messy!!!

    your new digs look awesome enjoy :)

  2. Thanks...I can't wait to do my next. Well I have one ready to go and working on the next.


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