Thursday, August 29, 2013

Back to School Project.....

I can't believe my son is a SENIOR this year!!  My baby, a Senior! (where are my tissues)  I also can't believe that they have been in school almost a month already.  Some schools don't start until after Labor Day!  I'm all for that! 

I wish that I knew what I know about digital crafting and I had my FAVORITE tool, my Silhouette Cameo!  I would have been a major crafting momma. My kiddos would have been lacking nutrition and attention.  I can imagine how it might have been. 

Kids:  Mom, I'm hungry
Me:  Not now, I'm crafting
Kids: But Mom, you said that yesterday, I haven't eaten in two days.
Me:  I'm almost done, what's one more day gonna do?
Kids:  Can we got out to play
Me:  Sure!  Have fun!

No, not really!!!  I would have Never (wink wink) done that!  Actually when they were little almost every minute was devoted to them.  Not sure that was good or not, I stayed stressed most of the time.  I think EVERY mommy needs some "me" time!  Boy the things I would have done different!

Miss Mint at Peppermint Creative has been a very busy bee!  She is busting new kits out like crazy.  I was alittle worried I wouldn't be able to keep up because my computer crashed.  I don't know if you have experienced that, but it isn't fun at all!

 Little Learner Kit
When I saw this kit, Little Learner, I knew immediately what I was going to do!  I use to love playing Memory with my kids when they were younger.  So I thought I would make a game for a teacher friend of mine to give to her kiddos in her class.
For this project I used the new kit, Little Learner!  
 I used the Silhouette Studio Edition to design the cards and the cute box they go in.  For the fronts I used most the bolder elements and used the composition paper for the backs.  I also cut out a third layer from a cereal box.  It was perfect thickness and gave the pieces some sturdiness.  You can use chipboard if you would like, but it is more expensive. 

Here is the setting I used to cut out the cereal box.  My mat was almost new so it didn't require any extra taping down.  Speed - 1, Blade - 7, cutting mat checked and double cut checked.
For the box I modified a box file I got from The Cutting Cafe'.  I used paper from the same kit to make the top and bottom of the box.  The tag was also designed in Silhouette Studio Edition. 
 Here is a closer look at the elements used for the "memory" part of the game.
Thanks for stopping by.  Miss Mint at Peppermint Creative blog is going to give this away as a freebie cutting file.


  1. Hey this is great and I was wondering about cereal boxes / other thin cardboard things- is it essentially the same as chipboard?

    1. Kelly, they seem comparable in thickness to me!

      And Tanya, I really do love this project! And your hypothetical dialogue with your son had me smiling. You have such a healthy sense of humor about things. Happy Labor Day weekend to you.

    2. Awww Lauren, THANKS!! If you ask my family, I have none.

      Happy Labor Day weekend to you as well.

  2. What a super cute and fun project! I love it :) It's crazy how fast our kids grow...mine are still little but still too fast for me. I found you off the Silhouette FB page :)

    1. Thanks Leah! It seems like just yesterday I was bringing them back and forth to school. Enjoy every minute, even if they are making a mess and bugging the heck out of you. Is the Silhouette Challenge one that Lauren at The Thinking Closet does? She is AWESOME!! What a great group of ladies!

  3. Thanks Kelly! It's not as thick Kelly. I feel like it gives it same look. I have also used FedEx envelopes...those are thinner though. We get a lot of them at work. For me the thickness of the cereal box is just as good.

  4. OHHHH dynamite project and I nearly laughed myself out of my chair with your 'hypothetical' conversation. My kids grew up understanding they ate on the every other day plan...LOL. ;) This is fantastic!!!
    Lisa x

    1. Oh, Thank goodness...I thought I might have sounded goofy but I did it anyway. Gotta have some humor in my life! :) Thanks for the sweet comments. I have some things up my sleeve that I will hopefully get to work on this weekend. You'll have to check back.


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